Leaving the Hospital

Follow up Care and Services

Planning for the care that you will need when you leave Quincy Medical Center (QMC) begins the day that you are admitted to the medical center. Your physician, nurse, case manager, and other members of your health care team will work with you and your family in your discharge planning.

Your physician will determine your discharge date, often 24-hours in advance, and complete your medical records in preparation for your discharge. In some cases, the day you will be discharged could be decided early that morning, when your physician is making his/her rounds. A nurse or case manager will meet with you and your family to ensure that you have all the information you will need once you leave the hospital. This information might include:

  • Instructions from your physician
  • Prescriptions and information about any medications that you may need to take
  • Diet restrictions
  • Signs or symptoms to watch for
  • Arrangements for any follow up care that you may need

It is important that you understand your discharge instructions and how to follow them, so please ask questions if these instructions are not clear to you.  Your nurse will also give you educational materials, written instructions about your care at home and pertinent telephone numbers of the nursing station so you can call with questions or concerns after you go home.

On the day of your discharge, please plan to leave QMC between 10 and 11 a.m.

If you are transitioning to a skilled nursing or other health care facility for further treatment or recovery, arrangements will be made with the appropriate people there to make the transition as smooth as possible.

On occasion, we do experience a delay in the discharge process. However, we request that your family member or friend be available from 10 to 11 a.m. We appreciate your cooperation. This will help to reduce delays for patients awaiting admission to QMC.

Please let us know if you are unable to secure transportation for your discharge. Transportation can be arrangement, on your behalf, at a modest expense.

Keep in Touch

We will do everything to ensure that your stay at Quincy Medical Center is as comfortable as possible.  If you have comments about your experience, suggestions on how we can improve our services, or wish to acknowledge a particular staff member, please contact the patient advocate at 617-376-5678 or write to:

Patient Advocate
Quincy Medical Center
114 Whitwell Street
Quincy, MA 02169

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