• Trade Names :

    • Accurbron
    • Aerolate
    • Aquaphyllin
    • Asmalix
    • Elixomin
    • Elixophyllin
    • Lanophyllin
    • Quibron-T
    • Quibron-T-SR
    • Slo-bid
    • Slo-Phyllin
    • T-Phyl
    • Theo-24
    • Theo-Dur
    • Theo-Sav
    • Theo-X
    • Theobid
    • Theochron
    • Theoclear L.A.
    • Theoclear-80
    • Theolair
    • Theolair-SR
    • Theospan-SR
    • Theostat 80
    • Theovent
    • Uni-Dur
    • Uniphyl
  • Once among the most common treatments for asthma, theophylline is no longer widely used, having been replaced by drugs that cause fewer side effects.
  • Vitamin B6
    Theophylline appears to impair the normal conversion of vitamin B 6 into the more active substance pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP). 1–4 These findings have led some researchers to suspect that some of the many side effects of theophylline could be caused, at least in part, by interference with B 6 activity. Indeed, one study found that B 6 supplements might help reduce theophylline-induced tremors. 5
  • St. John's Wort
    Evidence suggests the herb St. John's wort can lower blood levels of theophylline, making it less effective. 6,7
  • Cayenne
    Oral cayenne might increase the absorption of theophylline, 8 which could lead to an increased risk of theophylline toxicity.
  • Ipriflavone
    Like cayenne, the supplement ipriflavone may increase levels of theophylline in the body, possibly increasing the risk of toxicity. 9
  • References

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